Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas face off

Tory Lanez and rapper Joyner Lucas (who was featured on YCEE’s Juice remix) are in a feud driven by the competitive spirit, no malice and animosity.

Tory Lanez unleashes “Litty” redux upon Joyner Lucas in response to Joyner’s first ‘attack’. The exchange popped off after Tory confidently dubbed himself a superior rapper than Joyner; naturally, this claim prompted a clap back from Lucas, who proceeded to challenge Lanez to a high-noon esque rap duel. Tory proceeded to accept, issuing the first round with a “Lucky You” freestyle. Joyner followed suit, and fired back with his own take on “Litty.”

Tory has come through with “Litty Again,” this time setting sights on his newfangled rival. Off the bat, the near-five-minute runtime speaks volumes, harkening back to the days of Game’s hundred-bar barrages. It doesn’t take long before Lanez brings a few personal shots into the mix, a directional shift from his clinical “Lucky You Freestyle.”

“My neph couldn’t get you to a million on the Gram, Chris Brown tried n***a failed both times,” spits Tory, laughter in his tone, “I done took to your page to a million in a day, if you ask me n***a I’m your motherfuckin’ co-sign!”

Listen below:

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