Tory Lanez Addresses Drake, ‘Controlla’ Remix Controversy

Tory Lanez says he doesn’t want to talk about Drake anymore.
During an appearance on “Sway in the Morning” on Monday (Aug. 8), the Toronto native said he wants to focus his energy on his own material moving forward. “The thing is about me,” he said. “I ain’t here to talk about him. It ain’t one of those. I’m here to talk about me and this album because that’s when that pressure is coming up.”

Despite that, Tory fired some more thinly-veiled shots in his ongoing series of disses aimed at Drake. “People know I’m comin’,” he raps on his freestyle. “Shit mean / Competition know I’m comin’, shit free / The shit is ironic that the outcome, look, the album is this summer ’16.”

Tory’s debut album I Told You is set to drop Aug. 19.

Watch his interview and freestyle and see highlights from the convo below.

On ghostwriters: “I don’t actually write down anything. It all comes from my mind. I freestyle my lyrics. I don’t need [a ghostwriter]. Not even my hands help me.”

On competitive nature: “People just took this whole situation out of proportion. For me, personally, I’m just here to be No. 1. I don’t have personal problems with anybody. That’s the misconception artists have with me. They think I’m this dickhead or asshole because I don’ want to hang around y’all ni**as or some shit like that. It’s not that, my ni**a. Lot of ni**as are just scared to be around me because they think that every time I go at this music shit, it’s just a competitive thing and it is.”

On Drake’s “Summer Sixteen”: “Y’all gotta really look at that line. ‘All you boys in the new Toronto wanna be me a little.’ If he was talking about me, I definitely don’t want to be…I want to be me, the greatest me I can be. So after that was done, what kind of relevance did that hold?”

On his “Controlla” remix: “I just like that song. That’s all it was. I’m not a hater. I’ve expressed this before. I’ve never been hater. We like you. We just want to be No. 1. Is there a problem with that? Can I be the best? Can y’all watch me be great? Can y’all allow me to do that?”

On the reaction to his “Controlla” remix: “I went on ‘I Got the Keys’ the same day. We dropped them both at the same time. It just happened to be that people felt they liked the song a lot and people felt I bodied it so much that it just became a thing.”

On Toronto: “The new Toronto…It’s time to kill a lot of the hatred inside of the city. We’re gonna unify all of the young ni**as. We’re gonna unify all of the new ni**as. We’re gonna unify all of the people who want to get down and rep the city proudly.”

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