Timaya takes the heat for calling Paul of PSquare the ‘Realest and Best’

The Egberi papa 1 of Bayelsa known by many as Timaya took to his Instagram page to announce his upcoming single with one half of the singing duo – Paul Okoye. He wrote: “Next single is with this man @rudeboypsquare cause I believe he’s the realest and the BEST.. watch out for it!!!!” he wrote, but this apparently wasn’t received well by PSquare fans as they felt this was an indirect shade aimed at Peter Okoye and their fans descended on Timaya.

Most interesting comment was the thought by a fan that his update could bring ‘another trouble between them’.

However in a later Instagram post, Timaya apologized saying that was not the intention;

“u know say I no go school. I no dey take side with anybody. I’m just trying to say sorry for the use of English.” he said he was only trying to say he did a collabo with Paul Okoye. He added that Paul the realest and the best but he didn’t mean among the Psquare duo. He ended the video by saying “why are you guys like this? Bleep off”…

In other news, P Square to release a new single titled ‘Nobody Ugly’ soon.

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