“This Year Is All About Setting Standards,” Willy Paul Tells Haters He Is Not Stopping Anytime Soon

Contemporary gospel music artist, Willy Paul has attracted the same number of fans as he has haters. Anyway the tam tam crooner has fast risen through through the ranks. His admirable hard-work has seen him land collaborations with renown artists around East Africa.
Willy Paul who is currently riding high on the success of his latest single, I Do, featuring Jamaican reggae singer, Alaine has been working round the clock to expand the reach of his music.

Well he now has message for his haters. In long post on his Instagram handle, he wrote;

“Now that I have this tittle, I’m going to work hard to take Kenyan Music to the next level.. I’ve learnt alot and now I know the secret. I’m blessed and I’m not afraid anymore. Tribalism in the game won’t bring me down.. my talent will forever rain.. and my message will continue breaking through.. I’m not perfect… but sometimes when things are too much… Pozze does not let go. The song I do is just the beginning, trust me when I say this year is all about setting standards.. just the other day I realised that the amount of blessings God has installed in me, is bigger than all the hate I get!! @alainesinga”

Looks like a promising year for the singer.

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