Think ‘Everything is Love’ is a jab at ‘Nasir’? 50 Cent thinks so.

50 cent thinks the decision by Jay-Z to drop the highly-anticipated project one day after his former rival and Queens emcee icon, Nas, was a shady move.

“Yo, it was f**ked up what they did to Nas, man,” he said in a radio interview as he held back laughter. “That’s f**ked up. I know what you did to Nas, Jay. That’s f**ked up, n**ga.”

He added that he believes Hov is still discreetly taking light jabs at Nas from their now-buried late ‘90s to early 2000s beef, or “still slapping him without everybody noticing,” as Fif put it.

Nas, however, reportedly isn’t taking any of it to heart. In fact, Escobar “appreciates the fact that Jay and Bey are hip-hop royalty and at this point.” In other words, even if Fif’s theory does check out as true, it’s no skin off Escobar’s back.

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