The Game still defending Nicki Minaj, Bought her Roses

The Game is still defending Nicki Minaj evn bought roses that he tells her for Nicki Minaj, following the ‘Shether’ diss from Remy Ma.

Speaking to TMZ on Wednesday (Feb. 28), Chuck Taylor warned a cameraman not to say anything disrespectful about Nicki when her Remy Ma feud came up.

Asked for his take on “shETHER,” Game said nothing on the matter. Instead, he gave the cameraman a bouquet of roses. “Hold these,” he said. “Them is for Nicki. Alright? Put the camera on them. Them is for Nicki. Go that way. All love.”

Earlier this week, Game dissed Nicki’s ex Meek Mill in a lengthy Instagram caption.

Think Nicki Minaj and The Game would make a cool couple?

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