Taylor Swift And Katy Perry ‘s Collaboration Less Than A Year After Ending Feud?

Taylor Swift has had everybody talking with her recent Instagram photos that seemingly came out of nowhere, It all started with a picture of palm trees, captioned with seven (7) palm tree emojis which she posted on February 24, Some fans immediately took that as a hint that her seventh album is on the way, while some think it could also be hinting at a collaboration with Katy Perry, Because Katy Perry posted a photo of herself in front of some palm trees on the 30th of January.

Meanwhile, Ryan Tedder from One Republic also currently has a photo of palm trees as his header on Twitter. Taylor and Ryan have worked together before, and fans think it’s a clue, and could mean he’s producing the possible song with Katy.

A song featuring Taylor And Katy would be Huge. No?

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