Step aside, Jon Snow and Game of Thrones – Netflix’s The Witcher is here.

Netflix has dropped the trailer for The Witcher – which many have compared to the popular ‘Game of Thrones’, It is the streaming service’s long-awaited adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy novels. Henry Cavill is the title character, Geralt of Rivia, and quickly establishes the rules of The Witcher‘s monster-filled world.

As the trailer describes, elves and humans used to live in harmony in The Witcher‘s fantasy realm, known as The Continent, until the elves decided to teach humanity how to use magic — a favor that men repaid by killing the elves off. Now, monsters roam the land, and monster hunters called Witchers must take them down to keep the people safe.

In an interview a while ago, The Witcher producer Lauren Hissrich downplayed the show’s similarities to Game of Thrones, although she acknowledged that HBO’s megahit helped pave the way for the new series. “Game of Thrones … showed the world that fantasy wasn’t just for a niche audience and fantasy could be acceptable for everyone,” Hissrich said.

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