Soulja Boy Proves He Was The First Rapper On YouTube

Soulja Boy has no qualms about reminding the world of all the times he was one step ahead of the game. While it may appear to be a series of jokes, Draco has provided proof of his various trailblazing achievements. Earlier this month, the Atlanta native claimed to be the first rapper to work at Icebox, a renowned jewelry and diamond store.

Additionally, he’s claimed credit for Nicki Minaj’s memorable cut “Itty Biggy Piggy” and for being the first rapper to have Fanta Jello. Perhaps his most well-known of firsts is being the first rapper to upload videos on YouTube (it’s even in his Twitter bio). Just as he did with his Icebox claim, Draco is coming through with the receipts proving he was in fact the first rapper on YouTube.

“I was the first rapper on YouTube,” tweeted the “She Make It Clap” artist. He then attached a screenshot of text confirming the claim. “For starters, consider this fact: After a months-long beta period, YouTube officially launched on December 15, 2005 with a daily traffic around eight million views,” reads the statement written in March of 2016.

“Soulja Boy uploaded his first video just three months afterward, solidly characterizing him as an early adopter,” it finished. Considering that YouTube serves as the main platform rappers and other artists use to share their music videos and other content, this is a pretty monumental “first” for Soulja.

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