Skolopad didn’t wait for husband-to-be to finish his proposal before she said ‘Yes’

Controversial South African singer Skolopad has confirmed she is engaged and going to be a second wife. The singer was in the news a while back when she said she prefers to date married men and is content being the side chick.

On her recent engagement on a man reportedly married to his first wife, she said: “It was just perfect: the right question coming from the right man at the right time. I didn’t even wait for him to finish the question, I just said yes. What happened was I was with him last week, so he said he’ll arrange for me and my friends to have a weekend away at Harties. But when we got to Pretoria, he insisted on taking us there himself and on Saturday morning, he asked me to marry him and put a ring on my finger. I am happy to be be wife number two to a Swati man,” she said.

She also revealed herself and the said businessman met after her performance and that she won’t be posting a photo of him on social media as he is antisocial. “What I like about him is that he approached me before I performed, meaning that he fell in love with Nonhlanhla not Skolopad,” she adds.

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