Singer Vivian Comes to the Rescue of Ethic and Gengetone

In the wake of the ongoing war against Gengetone, Kenya’s new sound and
music that has mainly been associated with a new crop of young artists from the ghetto, renowned singer Vivian has come to the defense of the said artists who have been accused of promoting immorality in the society.

According to Vivian, condemning the artists is not the way to go and as such, established acts should rally behind them to help them take their musical careers to the next level.
Vivian has argued that all the young artists are after is getting means to survive especially during these harsh economic times in Kenya.

She said that she used to do the same type of songs when starting her music
career and that the young acts will also grow with time.

“These songs are like the ones I used to do when starting off my music career. I cannot do them now as I have since grown as a musician. The Young ones will also grow and as such, it’s not right to close doors for them,” She said during an interview on Radio Citizen.

Vivian called on Kenyans and especially stakeholders in the music industry to have a word with the young acts so as to know why they really resorted to singing such songs that have been judged to be explicit.

“We should talk to them so as to know why they are doing that kind of music. It could be that they have a number of challenges in their lives, otherwise, I have no problem with their music,” She added.
She lauded the Gengetone artists for being real.

“It’s better to have that real person who tell’s you the truth instead of a
hypocrite just like many Kenyans are,” She said.

Advising the upcoming artists, Vivian said that, it’s important to focus on
building their future instead of creating unnecessary hype. Gengetone acts have come under fire with a number of Kenyans led by Kenya Films and Classification board CEO Ezekiel Mutua calling them out for promoting immorality in the Country.

The onslaught by Ezekiel Mutua has even seen a number of songs banned from the airwaves and the digital space.
Last week saw Ethic’s song Tarimbo deleted from Youtube after it was deemed to have promoted the rape culture.

“Tarimbo is now totally deleted from YouTube and the channel owner served first warning. After a third violation, the channel will be totally deactivated. We thank Google for supporting our efforts to clean the digital space and make it safe for children,” confirmed Mutua.

The ban on Tarimbo came just months after another Gengetone hit, Wamlambez was banned from being played in public places.

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