Singer Asen B is not your ordinary artist in ‘Mimi Na Wewe.’

The fast-rising Kisumu based singer is a gem of its own kind
especially when added to the category of notable singers who are putting in a lot of work in their raft to reach greater heights. He is an all-round artist. When he spits bars, you can’t tell that he can sing really, as well as the other way round. I’d say he’s the best of both worlds and an extremely talented artist.

There’s only so much we can say about Asen B who can also be
described as the heart-throb of musical change – the one-time experience you wish would last a lifetime with every track he triumphantly declares that an evolutionary artist is finally here.

He has a very unique voice, and not only that, his content
too. He is that artist who is so hard to ignore because of the direction he takes with every single record. He is a good writer, and even lyricist, and his voice makes everything come together perfectly.

His latest release “Mimi Na Wewe” which is a Swahili word that translates to you and me was done at MGF studios in Kisumu, under producer Jamal Malique and the visuals directed and created by Crizo Mzeiya who is currently one among the best video directors in Kenya.

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