Shan George apologizes to Andrew Dro Ameh on false claim of fraud and payola

Nollywood actress Shan George has spoken up on the issues of payola she earlier levied against Andrew Dro Ameh. The actress was reported to have said the Ameh and his colleague Deji Adeneji had accepted payola to play his son Jaga’s music. An allegation both colleagues denied.

Providing backstory, Deji Adeniji informed that the actress had reached out to him on production for her movie Finding Goodluck but “things didn’t go as planned so I was not as involved,” he said.

“Then boom, this ridiculous allegation!” He revealed as he said he only introduced Andrew Ameh after she asked for who could help with getting his son’s music on blogs. “I delivered this, counting on my relationship with bloggers at whar I had even thought was at a good rate and she’d owe me a favour of discounted her rate for a short film I was working on,” Andrew Dro Ameh revealed.

“I didn’t take payola for her music and I did offer to refund as I sent her and a lady who was introduced as her manager SMSes asking for her account number and till date, i don’t have it as she didn’t respond. I later discovered it was an attempt to get at Deji over backing up on another complete agreement with her.” “How she sleeps after such an evil allegation scares me, I guess it comes with playing roles?” Dro Ameh had said.

Years after, The actress Shan George has also sent private messages to both colleagues including Andrew Dro Ameh, asking for forgiveness and every party to bury the hatchet.

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