Shaffy Bello on Breastfeeding on Set of ‘Love Me Jeje’ & More | #SoundCityDivas

Shafy Bello is a Nigerian film actress and singer. She first shot into the entertainment scene when she featured vocals in a 1997 hit song by Seyi Sodimu titled “Love Me Jeje”.

Shafy grew up in the United States of America where she completed her education. Her first major film was Eti Keta, a Yoruba film.

As a guest on City Divas, she sat with Host ‘Pearl’ and in the chat,she was able to reveal how the dress she wore in the “Love Me Jeje” still remains in her wardrobe. Watch the videos below to enjoy the show if you missed it on air.

‘I Still Have the Red Dress I Wore in ‘Love Me Jeje’ – Shaffy Bello | City Divas Pt. 1

How Shaffy Bello Handled BreastFeeding on Set of ‘Love Me Jeje’ & More | City Divas Pt 2

Seyi Sodimu – Love Me Jeje

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