Seun Kuti Accuses God of Plagiarism; Compares The Holy Bible to Ancient Egyptian Text

Seun Kuti took a rather bold stand yesterday when he shared snapshot from the Holy Bible and compared it with the Egyptian teachings of Amen-en-ope which pre-dates the Bible and thus accusing God of Plagiarism

In his words;

“If the bible was inspired by the word of ‘god’ how come we wrote the thoughts of ‘god’ before ‘gods’ people ?
Is it really proverbs or is it stolen from work of our ancestor pharaoh Amen-em-Ope. Steal knowledge. Steal land. Steal people. Steal resources. #lifeondroad #struggletour #naijaresistance”

The musician got some really passionate and heated responses from fans all over.

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  1. Hilary Eziokwu Dike Reply

    Truth will set you free, but first it must piss you off. Yes, Bible is plagiarized version of Ancient Egyptian wisdom. Be offended as you want, it is not going to change history

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