Sarkodie says Criss Waddle gave him his toughest battle

Sarkodie in a latest interview recalled his toughest rap battle at the beginning of his career.

The Ghanaian rapper reminiscing on those moments said Criss Waddle gave him his most intense battle.

“The battle that was very close was Waddle and I.” He told the interviewer. “That was a very intense and emotional battle. It was two votes apart in the end. When I met Waddle, he was the reigning champ after defeating a lot of rappers and so he sort of resigned.

“He was a boss and so he stopped coming to the battles. By then I was also hammering the rappers and so people said if I was able to hammer Waddle then I will take his title. I remember meeting him, he was very comfortable and I was very aggressive because I wanted to win.

“When the phone lines were opened and the votes started coming in, the first six votes was for Waddle. Normally, I get the votes when the phone lines are opened but this was the first time people were calling to vote for my competition.

“My fans were relaxed because they knew I was going to win in the end but after a few calls they realized if they didn’t react I was going to lose. That training is very scary because I felt I was putting my title on the line every night.”

Sarkodie is currently promoting his ‘Can’t Let You Go’ record featuring King Promise.

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