Samklef Calls Out colleague K-Solo Over His Recent Statement on KonLive signing

In a recent series of tweets, Samklef called out K-Solo for questioning the authenticity of his deal with Akon’s KonLive Records.

Akon Signs Nigerian Singer “Samklef” to KonLive Record Label

Samklef’s whose deal with the record label was announced sometime this year, with Akon releasing a press release and noting that:

“Samklef was signed to KonLive because he is the best all-around entertainer from Nigeria.”

Well K-Solo, in a chat with Pulse’s Loose Talk podcast hosts, questioned the authenticity of the deal.

Tweeting his displeasure, Samklef went on; “All because u want to be relevant u dey talk trash no let me cast u ..”

Check out the tweets below.

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