Ruby Gyang write three part letter on her birthday, must read!

Singer, Ruby Gyang celebrated her birthday with stunning new photos, writes open letters to her younger self, her daughter and her current self

Singer, Ruby Gyang turned a year older on Saturday 4th November, and she marked the day by sharing new photos and writing very interesting open letters to her younger self, her daughter and current self.

Read the open letters:


You were a bad ass, adventurous, never listened, could not sit in one place always liked to take things apart and people thought you were destroying and you felt you were just being curious. You always ended up getting grounded or spanked because you will do things when you are told not to do.
But you were bold, you will say what you want to say and go where angle were afraid to tread. You will not be afraid to fail and take risk. You will know who you are and it will be clear that you are not girly, not interested in the pink frilly dresses. You will prefer to run around in your shorts, climb trees, ride bikes, the bigger the better.

You will have an insatiable desire to learn and will always be caught reading a book. Your will have a love for music and spend hours upon hours sitting in front of your daddy’s turn tables and later radio every moment falling more and more voices.
You will be very sensitive and your friends will be very important to you. You will be a peacemaker and you will get into fights, hating when you and your friends stop talking. It will hurt you so much because you will love them so.

Ngohide, you won’t do so well with disappointments. You will tend to let them get you down. You won’t do so well when your plans don’t come to fruition. It will depress you, but that is something you will learn about life make your plans, but the best ones won’t often happen and you will have to learn to be ok with that. You will learn how to be open to other options and how to try new things. You will find out that things you really want were not for you at that time and sometimes not at all and its cool.
You will need to be careful what words you allow to sink into your soul. You will learn that you can have fun and to not take yourself so seriously. You will learn to take things easy, to let go and let God.
Baby Girl you are my Hero.
Your biggest fan,




Honey, I am so proud of you. I am amazed at the woman you have become. You have gone through so much, you have faced set backs you have dealt with so much being a mom at a young age struggling to be an artist. You have tried to find your place in this world and as woman. You have gone through depression, suffered post traumatic disorder, but sweetheart here you are strong, here you are resilient, here you are focused. You are not just a survivor, you have triumph and you have thrived.

I will say something to you, beware of the voice, you must never allow anyone else’s voice be louder in your head than yours. When it comes to your world you rule, you dominate. You’re a Queen and your word is law. It is up to you to create that life that you want to have. That life filled with beauty, positivity, love and joy. Understand that despite the delays and disappointments, know that your best is yet to come and its important that you never forget this.

Ruby Gyang


My Dearest Jade,

When I think of the best parts of my life, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. When I look at you and see the amazing child that you are, you are gifted. You remind me of my younger self, brave, adventurous, not afraid to try stuff, not afraid to fail. As a matter of fact, in your mind failure doesn’t exist. When I see how incredibly creative you are. In your writing, singing, rapping, drawings, producing, I am in awe that this amazing person came out of me. I feel blessed.

It hasn’t been easy you know for you. You have faced things that no child your age should face, but somehow some way you are still full of life and laughter and I want to say to you my daughter that the world is yours. There is nothing you cannot do. There is nothing you can not become, there is nothing you cannot have, but you have to be willing to put in the time the work to get that.

Never allow anybody tell you what you can or cannot become. Never allow another human being set the limits of your potential because your potential is endless. The only person that can stop you is you. I want to say to you my daughter that love is important, but love is not the begin all end all of life. Understand that you also have a purpose that God put you on this earth to fulfill and the greatest thing you can ever do is to fulfill that purpose.

Know my child I am here for your and know my child that I will forever be proud of you.

Your Mom

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