Rihanna Launches Fenty Beauty; Reveals The Secret To Her Flawless Skin

After teasing her hotly anticipated Fenty Beauty line on social media for weeks, the multi-talened star finally debuted the full collection at a jam-packed event in New York City on Thursday night.

Bad Gal debuted her line of 40 foundation shades as well as an extensive range of Killawatt highlighters with names like “Trophy Wife,” “Metal Moon,” “Mean Money,” “Hu$tla Baby,” “Girl Next Door,” “Chic Phreak,” “Lightning Dust,” and “Fire Crystal.”

Having a wide range of shades was Rihanna’s top priority when it came to developing “things girls could fall in love with of all skin tones.”

“I wanted a color that looked good on all skin tones … it’s really important for me in every product,” the singer told reporters at the event. “There are so many different shades and undertones. You just never know so you want people to appreciate the product and not feel like ‘It only looks cute on her.’ ”

And the singer is supplying her Navy with brushes (in varying shapes and sizes), concealing and correcting sticks, blotting papers and powder, and the best one: a universal lip gloss!

As for when one of the world’s most beautiful people feels her most beautiful, Rihanna tells PEOPLE exclusively that it’s all about “when my skin is really good.”

“When I’m tan and the humidity is really good, and my makeup happens to look perfect,” the style star says. “The better your skin is, the better makeup looks on your skin. I guess I come from that weather of sunshine and humidity.”

So what’s the secret to her flawless skin?

“Water is important, moisturizing is important, and occasional exfoliation but not anything that is too rough,” Rihanna admits. “I’m conservative when it comes to exfoliating because my skin is really sensitive and I don’t want to do too much damage when it comes to that, or any damage at all. So I keep it finer.”

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