Illbliss Gushes About New Born Daughter; Writes Rap Verse For Her

Nigerian rap music star, Illbliss, who welcomed a baby girl with his wife after 8 years of marriage, has shared a photo with her.

Illbliss who gushed about his daughter, also wrote her rap verse;

“VERSE 🚼🌈🌈🌈… Tears of joy Rolling down my cheeks/ listen to kicks from deep inside your mums belly! Sex Girly! Eight long years waited for this day to come! Admire sonograms waited for my seed to form! Finally she here! Welcome to your world baby! This your daddy dats your mama Uncle Mikey aunty Malia.. they just had a flybaby boy couple days back. Lord I’m so thankful.our daughter so beautiful! Don’t want to miss a thing from your first yawn to your first smile, first cry, your first Chuckle! Your little fingers form a knuckle I’m proud! Sleep peacefully. I’m watching overyou in your cot! Still Lost in my thoughts! Still rocking scrubs wifey calm mumble a psalm! I love you baby! For 9 months you kept it reallystrong! You never gave me issues! From cravings to mood swings! Everyday you crowning me King. May the Lord keep guiding your steps, may the Lord bless your every Breathe every moment ”

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