R. Kelly’s brother on why singer “targets little girls”

R. Kelly‘s brother Carey “Killa” Kelly has made more allegations concerning his older sibling – R. Kelly.

Carey in a lengthy interview alleged that R. Kelly dated men and also spread STDs in his track “I Confess” which was in response to R. Kelly’s 19-minute song “I Admit“.

Younger brother alleged that R. Kelly molested their 14-year old cousin and possibly impregnated her too.

“You give people chances to change before you put their business out there, before you actually say ‘enough it enough.’ Things happen in people’s lives to the point where you feel like it’s a wake-up call and now they get a chance to right their wrongs,” Carey said.

On why R. Kelly “targets little girls,” Carey said: “Robert has a control problem. And the only reason why he targets little girls, now that I’m older, I understand. He was molested. I was molested [too], but I didn’t turn out that way.”

Carey added that they were molested by the same person. “I became a protector of children. I didn’t want kids to go through what I went through…especially my daughters,” he said.

Carey, in the interview, insinuated that R. Kelly was “demonic” and urged him to seek help.

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