Prodigy dead: 4 of the Mobb Deep rapper’s most memorable beefs

It is believed that the deceased rapper died from complications of his sickle cell anemia condition.
The MC, who reportedly performed over the weekend at the “Art of Rap” tour in Las Vegas alongside the likes of KRS One, GhostfaceKillah, Onyx died of unknown causes according to TMZ.
News reports confirmed that the rapper had suffered from various health conditions, most notably sickle cell, in recent years.
A publicist to Mobb Deep confirmed the news of his death in a statement to XXL News, while also stating that the cause of his demise is yet to be known. RIP Prodigy

Since his death, many fans and artists have been remembering the many beefs between P and other iconic rappers.

Here are four of the most memorable:

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg drew the ire of Mobb Deep and Tragedy Khadafi, who put out ‘L.A, L.A’ in response to his appearance on Tha Dogg Pound’s classic ‘New York, New York’.

Snoop crushed the buildings in the video and consequently embroiled himself in the East vs West feud that would lead to the fatal shootings of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

P said later that it was “some hip hop s***” and called Snoop “the homie”.

“You know how we do it in hip hop, everybody battles and crews battle with each other and beefin’ each other sometimes,” he said. “But Snoop is the homie, man. “We love Snoop and what he brought to the game.”

Snoop shared a touching photo of the pair together after news of P’s death emerged, and also tweeted an image of him alongside other late, iconic rappers.


Never to be outdone, Tupac, who had just signed to Death Row Records, responded to ‘L.A, L.A’ with ‘Hit Em Up’, taking a shot at P which now seems particularly harsh: “Oh yeah, Mobb Deep: you wanna f*** with us?/You young-ass motherf*****s/Don’t one of you n****s got sickle cell or something?”

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