Phabrick serves visual for ‘Vibes’

Joshua Senanu Koblah Tsikata known as Phabrick started by putting rhythms to the poems he wrote regularly. His evolution from spoken word artist to Hip Hop/Rap musician stemmed from an innate passion for music and the fact that to Joshua, people weren’t producing the kind of music he wanted to hear. Thus, the music Phabrick creates, ‘is a reflection of the kind of music he would want to hear – hip, urban and undefined by any genre.’ Like his name suggests, ‘Phabrick’ is an artist with many musical threads woven to form his unique sound and approach to music. The plethora of genres that can be heard in his debut EP ‘No Genre’ are testament to his versatility as an artist and his range of talent; from the soulful sounds of his RnB hits to the raw, hard hitting lyrics of his rap Hip-Hop hits.

check on it!

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