‘My brother said he wants to go and discover’ – Paul Okoye finally speaks on split from Peter ‘PSquare’ Okoye!

We finally hear from the other party as Paul Okoye a.k.a Rudeboy PSquare has broke his silence on the PSqaure split. Speaking to the crowd at the recent held PhynoFest carnival at Enugu, the ‘Fire Fire’ singer said his twin brother, Peter was responsible for the split up of the famous PSquare music group.

His exact words? “We were singing together when my brother said he wants to go and discover his talent. I had no choice. But guess what, I have my brand new song titled Fire Fire.”

He also revealed to the audience that his brother was in America, before bursting into laughter in response to the crowd’s clamour on the whereabout of Peter Okoye now known as Mr. P.

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