Patoranking’s Quote from #TheTakeOver interview with Moet Abebe

‘On your way to greatness, there are so many stumbling blocks. The truth I was delayed, it has happened even to the biggest names. If you wake up in the morning, say a prayer like: God please, don’t let somebody hate you for doing nothing’ – Patoranking on who guest on Moet Abebe’s The TakeOver show on Soundcity Radio said.

Locking Wizkid down for ‘This Kind Love’, ‘He knew we were suppose to do something a long time ago, God so kind – we met at the right time.’

The GOE artiste spoke on his relationship status:
‘I am single, right now – just in love with my career’

On signing artistes and Young GreyC:
‘You have to crawl before you walk. Not signing, Now we are crawling, when we walk then we’d sign those crawling.’

‘Her (Young GreyC) voice is on ‘Make Am’ and three songs on her album. If I have her money and power, I’d sign her.’

Why no Timaya on the album:
‘Why no 2face, why no Flavour, why no Sound Sultan, why no Davido.. the list was endless. these were the few people I could reach. The world is endless, I no want ‘waste am’.’

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