Otile Brown’s ‘Baby Love’ (starring Vera Sidika) is Number One this week | Top 10 Kenya

Otile Brown’s Baby Love (starring Vera Sidika) is Number One this week | Watch Top 10 Kenya Countdown highlights below:

Socialite Vera Sidika is the centre of attention in Otile Brown’s new music video for ‘Baby Love.’ which is at number one this week on the Soundcity Top 10 Kenya.

The two ‘lovebirds’ have been fake-dating for months now in a bid to push their respective brands and it doesn’t come as a surprise that Otile has ‘dedicated’ a love song to his boo. The song also comes hot on the heels of Vera Sidika’s highly publicised beauty parlour launch at Western Heights in Westlands in June. The duo went on to actually date but broke up weeks ago.

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