Otile Brown still top Kenyan artist after ‘Juice’ release

Top Kenyan RnB musician Otile Brown has dropped a new song dubbed ‘Juice’.

‘Juice’ is a feel good song where Otile Brown praises the lady that has swept him off his feet, stating that “she has the juice he’s been looking for”.

Unlike most of his songs which are always slow and adopt a soft beat, this is faster, and has adopted an upbeat vibe making it a danceable tune.

The video has been well executed and has amazing dance moves that are expected to bring about the #JuiceDanceChallenge.

A few hours after it premiered, the video is doing extremely well online with over 12,000 views and a lot of comments.

Before it premiered, Otile was flying high with his hit single ‘Vibaya’ which dominated local airwaves for quite some time.

Thanks to his unique style of music, Otile Brown has been branded the ‘Kenyan Chris Brown’ by a section of his fans.

His is one of the best RnB musicians in the country, with his music style closely resembling Tanzania’s Bongo Flavour, but with an additional touch of the Coastal vibe and modern beats.

Some of his other top tunes include; Nabayet, The Way You Are, Aiyana ft Sanaipei Tande among others.

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