Nyashinski: Shin City is A win For Artists And The Music Industry

Rapper Nyashinski believes Shin City project is a win not only for fellow artists but also the music industry in general.

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Speaking during a press briefing at Carnivore Grounds during the rehearsals, Nyashinski said that the project has already employed 104 people and the number will keep growing.

The gig is set to go down on April 16 on Carnivore grounds and will have him as the only performer.

“My plan is to make it  (Shin City) successful not only for me but for other people as well. As at right now 104 people are working on this project. It’s creating a small ecosystem for people to earn a living,” he said.

“It’s a win for the artiste and the music industry, this is the first time we are doing it. We might make mistake but we are willing to try.”

The rapper said the idea was born from comics, partying and him.

“It was inspired by three things  the first being a comic book I love, the second is the element of partying and the third thing is my name ‘Shinski’,” he said.

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