New Video: DJ Sliqe – Flexin’ ft. Zingah, Stilo Magolide, Tweezy

DJ Sliqe has release a new smash titled ‘Flexin’ featuring Zingah, Stilo Magolide & Tweezy. The super DJ is definitely a god when it comes to picking beats and knowing which artists will be able to make that record a hit record.

His consistency is crazy and this new record is proof that there is no stopping him. Zingah is back in the game and his bars are on another level. When I heard he was back with a name change I wasn’t too sure he was going to be able to keep up with the new comers.

Stilo Magolide went in hard on this joint and anybody who still doubts his abilities should not be allowed to listen to music for a year. Tweezy closes off the record with a hard flow! I’m really proud of Tweezy because his transition from producer to rapper was impressive.

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