New Music: Mantsebi – Boss

“They say the dream too big so I strap a bomb to it. They call it suicide, yea they know that I go blow”. It’s the hunger, passion, dream and the ever-flaming desire for success, that has pushed Mantsebi, to make this PSA about his craft.

This single ‘Boss’ is everything you want in a rap music.YES! The style, content, delivery, lyrical dexterity and approach to the beat, is definitely something a lot of the rappers are lacking these days.

It is therefore absolutely breathtaking to find all that trapped in one body. Mantsebi delves deep into his life, whiles addressing issues on betrayal, loyalty, trust and simultaneously taking us on a trip through his ego as a rapper. ‘Boss’ does not only make you head bob, it gives you a picturesque view of all the lyrics being spewed on the beat.

The DC based rapper is one of the many new super talented artists springing up in the neighborhood that once upon a time served as the talent hub of the Ghanaian entertainment industry. This song couldn’t have come at a better time than this.

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