Nelly’s Rape Accuser Says He and ‘His Bully Lawyer’ are trying to intimidate Her

Nelly’s arrest for allegedly assaulting a woman on his tour bus after a woman called 911 to report an alleged assault that took place on the rapper’s tour bus. The musician, who is currently on tour with country band Florida Georgia Line, was taken in to custody around 1am AEDT on Sunday morning, but he has since been released from jail.

Nelly’s rape accuser according to TMZ, is calling him out for bullying her so harshly in the media, her attorney believes it rises to the level of a crime and she is demanding justice.

The alleged victim’s attorney, Karen Koehler says Nelly sent a letter to prosecutors laying out what she views as verbal attacks made by Nelly’s team since TMZ broke the story of Nelly’s arrest.

In the letter she says,

“It is morally reprehensible for an accused person and his bully lawyer to issue derogatory and defamatory statements against a young alleged rape victim.”

“It is also criminal — in the State of Washington — when those vicious attacks are issued in the form of threats.”

Koehler singles out Nelly’s attorney for saying the accuser is “a person with an agenda and clearly she has one. The agenda is money, fame and notoriety.”

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