Ne-Yo Announces New Album ‘Good Man’

While the recently-married crooner is enjoying his growing family, he is also preparing a new album that is Hot off the release of his newest single, “Another Love Song,” Ne-Yo has revealed the title of his next album: Good Man.

According to him; “I’m calling it that because that’s what every woman wants and what every man should strive to be,” he told “The Breakfast Club.” “You’re not born a good man. You gotta go through some stuff, let some things happen, in order to become a good man.”

Good Man won’t only be about his life. “All the music on this album isn’t gonna be happy because I didn’t write just completely about myself,” he said. “I felt like, if I just write it about me, how can it be relatable to anybody else? I’m definitely happy and in a great place, but I know that everybody isn’t.”

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