“My songs take a year to become a hit” – Jamaican singer Kranium said in Kenya!

Jamaican singer Kranium, real name Kemar Donaldson, on Friday performed for the first time in Kenya. In an interview on Kenyan radio, he recounted his musical journey.

According to The Star report, he said: “I always liked music and I started off in church. I feel that every kid in the Caribbean has that one grandmother who doesn’t really care about what you do throughout the week, as long as you go to church.

“So I used to sing in church and from there, I developed some skills. After that I had a very close veteran dancer back in the days, so I went to Florida and got a few skills from him. Then I went back to New York city and started going to club parties to get the experience and get my way, because it would have taken a long time to be recognised.”

He continued, “When it comes to music, I take my work very seriously because from the start, I always wanted to do music. Everyone has a different journey, though, but mine was not easy. I can be big today, another man will be big in the next 10 or so years.

“When you know you are doing good music, you always take your time. Like my songs always take like a year to become a hit, which I feel is good because it takes time to sink in their mind and understand what I am telling them in the song. So music is like business, where you take risks.”

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