Morgan Heritage’s “Just A Number” Touches On The Cancel Culture

Morgan Heritage, the Grammy award-winning reggae band, has unveiled “Just A Number” as their latest single and music video, which addresses the theme of cancel culture and the ephemeral nature of fame. The music video was directed by Samo and shot in Kingston, Jamaica.

The band consists of Peetah Morgan, Gramps Morgan, and Mr. Mojo Morgan, who are all children of the late reggae legend and “Father of A Nation,” the Hon. Ras Denroy Morgan.

“Just A Number” was recorded and mixed in Kingston and Florida and inspired by both historic and current figures in the entertainment industry, according to Morgan Heritage.

The song serves as a warning to aspiring entertainers in sports, film, TV, and music, reminding them that despite their hard work and dedication, their careers may still be affected by personal views or opinions.

Morgan Heritage

They aim to open minds rather than close them with this song, drawing from their historical knowledge.

Morgan Heritage is a reggae band formed in 1994.

They are known for blending traditional reggae with various other genres, including R&B, soul, and hip hop, and for their socially conscious lyrics. The band has released several albums and is considered one of the leading acts in contemporary reggae music.

Listen to the song below:

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