Monica’s ‘So Gone’ Single Increases In Sales Following Chance The Rapper’s #SoGoneChallenge Clip

The #SoGoneChallenge went viral after Chance The Rapper posted his video and dedicated his rap to his girlfriend. Since then so many people have made their own videos, including some of our favorite celebs like Dwayne Dade, Kevin Hart and Chance The Rapper.

According to Forbes, since the outbreak of the challenge and Chance the Rapper joining in on the hashtag by tweeting his videotaped rendition of a 16-bar verse dedicated to his girlfriend. According to Twitter, his participation has helped to spark over 2 million Twitter users to either take part in the challenge or mention it in their tweets. His video has since received over 240,000 retweets and stands as the highest number of interactions that his account has seen, the sales for Monica’s 2003 single “So Gone” has increased by 400 percent and streams have increased more than 200 percent on Apple Music.

The single has also done well on Spotify with streams increasing to 129 percent over the past few days. The music video has also reached 3.2 million views on YouTube.

Monica took on her own challenge recently and she also received raved reviews as she gave her own single a new verse, which everyone loved.

“So Gone” was produced by Missy Elliot, and appeared on Monica’s 2003 album After The Storm.

If you missed Monica’s rap, check it out below:

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