Modenine claims Jay-Z dubbed from his 2008 song to use In 4:44 album

Nigerian veteran Rapper Modenine has stated that some of the lyrics and ideas of his ‘The life of OJ’ was taken from Modenine’s ‘My Skin is black’ song.

The rapper in an Instagram video while sampling the track said that the song was a stark reminder of his My skin is Black song which was on his Paradigm Shift album.

The rapper who has been away from the limelight for sometime, stated that he wasn’t appreciated enough in his own home but people are more accepting of Jay-Z and other foreign acts.

He also stated that if this had been the other way around there would have been a huge outcry.

The both song share a sample of Nina Simone’s classic titled ‘Four Women’. (You can listen to Nina’s after the story below).

You can check out Modenine’s instagram video here.

“Four Women” by Nina Simone. Recording session: Live in Antibes, 1969.

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