#METGala highlights: Rihanna as Pope, Jaden Smith with Plaque and Cardi B’s drippin’ skintight!

MET Gala took place last night and fashion statements were made from the musicians to the actors/actress. Aptly tagged MET Heavenly bodies, Here is our top 3 highlights pick!

Jaden Smith brought his gold certification plaque for his great single “Icon.” He also didn’t seem to bother with this year’s Heavenly Bodies theme, as he chose to dress in a Louis Vuitton coat with white jeans and sneakers while We knew that Rihanna showing up to the Met Gala was going to bless us, but the woman showed up dressed as the damn Pope and ready to baptize everyone under the Church of Fenty.

Also, Cardi B attended her very first Met Gala and her gown was nothing short of exquisite. Her skin tight dress accentuated her growing baby bump, Cardi arrived with Jeremy Scott, who matched her to a tee. You could say she came through drippin’ (we’re so sorry!)

What was the highlight for you? Share below!

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