M.I. Abaga stands with Tuface in face of criticism from writer and Blackface over protest

On January 25, 2017, 2face revealed he’s taking the bull by the horns in leading a nationwide protest against Buhari’s administration.

Now, Blackface – a former band mate of the defunct group Plantashun Boiz says he’s not in support of 2face’s march. He took to social media to share an article written against the march that read in part:

“LETS EDUCATE THE ILLITERATE AS HE LEADS THE PROTEST. I read Tuface Idibia’s verbal tirade in Vanguard in which he said he will be leading a protest against Buhari on the 5th of February for among other things not paying salaries of civil servants.

I think he needs to be educated about the efforts of the Buhari administration: So far Buhari has released three bail out funds to the 36 states in Nigeria totalling over N1.5 trillion in the last 18 months. ….’

Ruggedman has spoken up, blasting Blackface and said ‘You Only Decided to Oppose Because Tuface is Involved’ while M.I. Abaga is unimpressed about an opinion piece, published here.

As the ‘Chairman’ went on to bash the writer over his ‘disrespectful’ article and calling Tuface (now known as 2baba) a ‘false prophet’. M.I. continued thus:

M.I. Abaga then went on to say: “you should apologize.. wether you do or not.. I ask that you do better going forward.. views will not save your soul”

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