M.I. Abaga on Hiatus: Unfortunately the music has suffered | One on One

On a recent episode of One One One show with Moet, M.I. Abaga talks Hiatus from the music. in his words, “Unfortunately the music has suffered.”. He went on by saying, everyone is frustrated and tired of him. Also how overseeing the label is affecting the music.

Selling 6 million copies of first album, February 2013,he released the first single off his Album, “The Chairman”, which was released June 2013.

In 2012, he was appointed the United Nation’s Ambassador for the Smuggling of Migrants, performed alongside Naeto C on the Hennessy Artistry Tour, and was actively performing his duties as the VP of Chocolate City Music, making creative contributions to Brymo’s 2012 debut release with Chocolate City – #TheSonOfaKapenta.

Abuja will next month have a feel of one of Nigeria’s iconic rappers, M.I Abaga, as he headlines the Legend Extra Stout’s signature nationwide music tour, Real Deal Experience, at The Palms, Galadimawa.


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