M.I. Abaga announces date for Hiphop Festival – WAHA

M.I. Abaga has announced the new Hiphop festival for just rappers – WAHA festival and scheduled for October.

In announcing this, MI said on Instagram;

In 2017 I asked young rappers to Fix up and receive the overwhelming response that my generation hadn’t done enough.. I ask my government to be better but I have to look inward and ask myself if I have done enough to build structure and give opportunities to those within my sphere of influence.. well I am pleased to announce the WAHA festival happening October 2018 in Lagos!!! This festival is strictly for HIPHOP!!! All rappers writers break dancers poets producers artists and DJ’s this is our time!!! Please follow our pages and let’s get it @wahafest

October 2018!!!!! If you want to be a part of it follow @wahafest and sign up!!!! Open Artist Call

This is following M.I. Abaga’s call to action for rappers in the ‘Rappers Fix Up Your Lives’ song.

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