Lizzo Flies As Beyonce Sends Her A Special Birthday Message

Lizzo is lost for words after discovering Beyonce wished her a happy birthday.

The ‘Juice’ singer turned 32 on Monday (27.04.20), and to celebrate the special occasion, fellow singer Beyonce took the time to send her a congratulatory message, whilst also raising awareness for the current coronavirus pandemic.

Beyonce’s message was posted through her charity initiative BeyGood, which shared an image reading: “BeyGood supports COVID-19 relief.”

And underneath the charitable comment, the post also read: “Happy birthday Lizzo.”

On Tuesday (28.04.20), the ‘Truth Hurts’ hitmaker saw the post, and took to Instagram to explain how blown away she is by the simple message, as she hailed Beyonce as her “inspiration to be a singer”. She wrote: “YALL. @beyonce BEY YON SAY wished me a happy birthday B****! I don’t know how to ACT.

“She is my inspiration to be a singer after seeing destiny’s child perform in the 5th grade… I LOVE YOU BEY! Thank You! Let me go drink some damn water.”

The reaction comes after Lizzo told her fans the best gift they could give her for her birthday was a compliment about themselves. She told her followers: “It’s my birthday, the best gift would be… say something nice about yourself in my comments and shake that a** “

Meanwhile, Lizzo has been staying at home amid the coronavirus pandemic and has urged people to “spread the love” amid the difficult times.

She said: “You cannot let this tear us apart. The social distancing is something we are doing for our health, but we have to come together closer as a people.

“Call a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while, call a family member. This is a very real pandemic. I know we watch TV and we see a lot of fear on television, but you can’t let the fear spread faster than the virus. We have to let love spread. So that’s what I’ve been practicing every single day.”

Lizzo who is also known as Melissa Viviane Jefferson came into the spotlight after her 2017 release ‘Truth Hurts’ climbed the charts in 2019. She has since gone on to win several awards including 3 Grammy awards in 2020.

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