Like Kanye West, Meek Mill struggled with Opioid addiction

Shortly after Kanye West revealed his opioid addiction, Meek Mill opened up about his own battles with drugs.
Meek Mill addressed the criminal justice reform. During his speech, Mill spoke about how probation can affect the opioid crisis.

“At one point in my life, I was actually addicted to opioids,” he said. “There should be a line drawn when you’re scared to tell you’re probation officer that you have a drug problem because you don’t want to be sent to prison for years.”

Meek eventually spoke with his probation officer about the issue and went to rehab. “Actually, I would like to thank my probation officer in Montgomery County. Her name is Kathy Subbio,” he said. “I had a drug problem years ago and I told her… She put me in a rehabilitation program and it changed my life.”

Meek is out on bail after being sentenced to 2-4 years in prison over probation violations. “It was a traumatic experience,” he said of his recent stint in prison. “I’m happy to be back and be a part of what I call history because I know there’s a lot of voiceless men and people I personally know from sitting next to them every day, who are depending on me. God has given me a great platform to help many others and make Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the world a better place.”

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