Lamboginny took debut album launch to Kirikiri prison with over 4,000 inmates | Photos

Lamboginny, a former prison officer, who has been performing at various prisons for over 9 years, launched his debut album in the midst of over 4,000 inmates of the Kirikiri Medium Security Prison, Lagos.

His new album is titled, “SALT” which is an acronym for ‘Saving All Lives Together’. The singer hopes to save lives by aiding the rehabilitation of prison inmates. He is charging them to be good individuals despite their past, with the hope that one day, they will regain freedom.


Speaking about meeting a young boy at Kirikiri prison who was arrested for street hawking, Lamboginny advised the government to seek other positive forms of discipline .

“The government should re-channel such offenders’s energy into something useful. The ones I have helped, they are all loyal to me. So If I wanted to turn them around for something negative, I would have done that, but I felt I should step in and do this. I do all these by myself, I go to prisons and attend to these people.”

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