Kwesta has surely earned himself the King Kwesta title | See Why

With type of song catalog Kwesta Shared via social media platform ‘Twitter’, his 5 Platinum Selling Songs! The rapper has one of the best song catalogs in SA Hip Hop in terms of singles. Yes?

Kwesta has a total of 5 songs that have reached platinum, 2 that have gone gold and one diamond selling track. Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe is Kwesta’s best selling single having reached diamond status, surpassing Ngud’ which has reached 7x Platinum. According to the rapper, both Nomayini and Spirit have been certified 3x Platinum.

His single which features AKA and Tweezy called Day One has reached platinum. Although Spirit came out late last year, the song has grown quicker than most and is currently one of the most played tracks in South Africa.

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