Koffee lands UK magazine cover, ‘Toast’ featured in Jordan Peele’s movie “US”

Koffee is the name on every reggae fan’s lips right now. The 19-year-old from Spanish Town was a popular choice for Reggae Newcomer Of The Year in 2018, despite having only released a handful of tracks since being discovered by the world champion runner Usain Bolt just 18 months ago. She’s been living in the fast lane ever since – and especially after signing to Columbia Records late last year.

Koffee, real name Mikayla Simpson, knew a few chords on guitar but hadn’t been thinking of a career in music when her teacher suggested that she write a song about a hero – someone she really respects. Her mum was first choice – “She was a single parent and she was the only person I basically knew,” she says – but Usain Bolt is Jamaica’s biggest hero after Bob Marley and so she wrote a song about him instead, called Legend. She then posted a video of herself singing it on Instagram, Bolt reposted it and, by the time she entered the studio for the first time a few weeks later, she had 15,000 followers

Koffee is on the cover of ECHOES magazine (UK) this month as his hit “Toast” featured in new Jordan Peele’s movie “US” that is in cinemas now.

The young Jamaican singer will perform for the 1st time in NYC @ The Gramercy on June 12th with special guest Jane Macgizmo.

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