”Kiss Daniel wan cheat Yahoo boy. Looool” as Fans suggest new names for ‘No Do’ singer!

Kiss Daniel has left G-Worldwide or he is trying to leave as the case may be in a move many thought was amicable and  unexpected. He went on to float his imprint the Fly Boy I.N.C where he has released the ‘No Do’ tack. The label in series of statement have come out to say Kiss Daniel is still signed to them with his name and every song in his present discography as theirs. Kiss Daniel challenged this in a statement signed by his lawyer which produced another response from the label insinuating that Kiss Daniel was invading being served the court order.

As it plays out in the media, the fans are having a field day! ‘Kiss Daniel’ has been a trending topic for hours with a Twitter user saying: ‘Kiss Daniel wan cheat Yahoo boy (a dishonest person). Looool’ and another takes the opportunity to opine that emerging artistes share legal documents with their lawyers before signing.

Another Twitter user took it a notch higher suggesting fans help the singer come up with a new name since Label is claiming rights to singer’s stage name, see the hilarious exchange and more below:


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Here is hoping that they resolve this issue amicably!