Kay Da Ace Puts His Mark On The Music Scene With Debut EP “11th Hour”

UK-based Nigerian artist Kay Da Ace, known for his blend of Afrobeat, Afropop, and Dancehall, has released his debut EP “11th Hour” on all major streaming platforms.

The EP is about hustle, motivation, lifestyle, love, flex, and prosperity obsessions.

It features six tracks, each exploring themes of hustle, motivation, lifestyle, love, flex, and prosperity obsessions. The tracks include “Gra Gra,” “No Lele,” “Rotten,” “Agenda,” “Bread” featuring Oladips, and “Rotten Part 2.”

Kay Da Ace 11th hour
The album cover art

The album was dropped at a launch party on November 24th, 2022 in South East London.

Prior to the EP release, Kay Da Ace had released several notable singles and received support from various platforms in Africa and the UK. With a unique sound and style, Kay Da Ace is an artist to watch in the coming months.

The EP is considered to be an unconventional move by Kay Da Ace, as it contrasts his music background, skills, and influences, taking the Afrobeat path.

Kay Da Ace
Kay Da Ace

Despite focusing more on melody, his charisma, witty wordplay, punchlines, hustle, prosperity, passion, and motivation are evident throughout 11th Hour.

The cover of 11th Hour was inspired by the American comedy-drama film “Forrest Gump” starring Tom Hanks.

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