Kanye sounds off on Jay Z and says kids ‘never even play together’

Kanye West sounds off on Jay Z as he reveals their kids ‘never even play together’… and complains his mentor didn’t visit after Kim’s ordeal

Battle of the power couples? He slammed his good friend Jay Z, going on about music and financial differences. But, it really got ugly when Ye said, Jay apparently didn’t come see Kim after her Paris robbery! Watch the angry video!

So, what we got out of that was, Jay apparently only called Ye and Kim Kardashian, 35, to see how everything was after her terrifying Paris robbery attack, instead of going to see them in person.

Then, a concert goer tweeted that Kanye said his kids, North, 3, and Saint, 10 months, “have never even played together with Blue Ivy!” THIS IS CRAZY!

This story is still developing…

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