K-Pop Star & BIGBANG Member Taeyang Appointed as PyeongChang Olympics Ambassador

With a little more than half a year left before the opening ceremony, the PyeongChang Olympics heated up anticipation by announcing its first K-pop ambassador: BIGBANG’S Taeyang joins several Korean athletes and celebrities promoting next year’s winter games, bringing some of K-pop’s global appeal to the Olympics table.

The Korean singer was appointed as an honorary ambassador of both the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic and Paralympic Games. To promote the Games, Taeyang — who is both a member of one of Korea’s most popular boy bands and an R&B-influenced solo artist in his own right — will release a song and promote PyeongChang 2018 both in and out of Korea.

“I feel like people can be united under music no matter what country you go to,” Taeyang said in a video released on the PyeonChang 2018 Olympic’s official Facebook page about his appointment. “I hope that many people come to the Games and cheer the players on.”

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