Jidenna’s Quotables on ‘underrated’ Burna Boy, TiwaSavage Collaboration & ‘Jollof Rice’

Jidenna spoke to the good guys at BN while he was in town. He spoke about Jollof Rice (at least he prefers Nigerian Jollof to Ghana’s – unlike Mr Eazi’s preference for Ghana jollof rice – right?) Read highlights and excerpt cfrom the interview:?


On looking forward to Jollof rice:

First thing I’m looking forward to is some Jollof Rice because I’m hungry right now. This is the first time I’ve come home that I haven’t eaten yet but it’s cool because I love you guys. I want to make sure I take care of this business before I get some Star beer and Jollof Rice in my belly, that’s the first thing.

Second thing is, I want some “up and down” because I lost some luggage but I’ll get it back tomorrow. It’s good news for me because I get to make some new clothes; I just have to make sure I link up with some of my favourite tailors out here.

Possible collaboration with Tiwa Savage:

Tiwa is amazing! I’m definitely looking to collaborate with others too. The people right now that I’m focusing on are the people that are building the same bridge that I’m building but just on different continents. Since I’m based in the States I’m building a bridge back here and to the World, so I’ll like to work with Pioneers besides Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Davido.

Being a fan of Burna Boy and thinks he is Underrated:

I’m a big fan of other people, one of them is Burna Boy – That’s my guy, he is so funny and I think he is underrated. I like his music, his sound is very distinct and his style is just… amazing. I’m going to link up with him soon!

On ‘having to walk around with AK47 in Nigeria’ comment:

I don’t regret or take back anything I said at all. The thing is when I’m talking in America, the phrase light-skinned can be used interchangeably with biracial, whereas in Nigeria it’s not the same case. To be more accurate, I was able to express some statements on the open letter and on BellaNaija. I’m excited to even address it wherever possible.

What a lot of people don’t know and what BellaNaija enabled me to express was that my family had been kidnapped, I was robbed, I was shot , so it’s like my dad said, “once you’re beaten by a snake, you’ll jump when you see a Lizard” So how will I not be like that in whatever country I’m in. It’s unfortunate sometimes when portions of what you say get blown up in the media. I think most people are aware now that this is not the only thing I’ve ever said. I believe that every country has its’ dirty laundry, for example, I care about the US as well but I’m going to talk about police brutality and murders. I will never leave something out because that’s what it means to be a patriot. You stare in the face of certain parts of the dirt that you have so that you can clean it up. It’s just reality.


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